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We are the creators of the Korean KO-BOX meal - A new unique style lunchbox filled with delicious Korean food curated by our very own in-house chef ‘Kay Park’, bringing you recipes’ influenced by different regions of Korea.

Our aim is to bring you delicious Korean cuisine, in a special box, containing a tailor made delicious meal for one. No more hassle of opening multiple number of boxes and putting things on a plate.

A ready-made hot meal for one, should be as easy as opening a pack of salad or sandwiches.

Our Story

As Londoners, we have been spoilt by the variety of cuisines available to us. However, when it comes to Asian food, particularly Korean food, we found ourselves always complaining about the same issues:

  1. We often get lost trying to order something from an overwhelming menu with 101 dishes to choose from
  2. Asian food comes in multiple dishes – when you’re on your own or a small group, this is inconvenient

So over dinner one day, we had an idea that will solve our problems – affordable restaurant quality Korean meal conveniently packed into a Korean style lunch box (“Ko-Box”)!

A year (and a “little”) later, 3KoBros was created. We brought on-board, Kay Park, to develop the 3KoBros product using his Korean food chef experience. Kay curated the 3KoBros menu for our customers to not only have good food but also experience different Korean regions and their speciality.

We hope you enjoy our interpretation of Korean food.

Co-Founders and Staff

Design and Branding

Danbi Lee

Cart makers and designers

Minwoo Choi and Heegun Koo

Web / Technology Team

The Wirecamp team